Winter 2021 Introduction

Winter 2021 Introduction

The Winter 2021 issue of AHIMA’s peer-reviewed research journal, Perspectives in Health Information Management, is now available. This issue’s topics explore a range of issues, from mobile apps and COVID-19 to population health and professional development. Papers include:

  • Ashley C and Berry SD. The association between race and stroke prevalence in a patient cohort in Mississippi. Read here.
  • Dolezel D and McLeod A. Big-data skills: Bridging the data science theory-practice gap in healthcare. Read here.
  • Puttgen HA, Stolze-Epple M, Miller RG, Stewart CM. Delinquent medical records: Who are the stakeholders for timely medical documentation? Read here.
  • Bugaev N, Breeze JL, Tutunjian AM, Hojman HM, Mahoney EJ, Johnson BP, Arabian SS. The challenges of using ICD codes to perform a comparative analysis between patients with penetrating cardiac injuries who underwent non-resuscitative thoracotomy versus sternotomy. Read here.
  • Stickley L and Gibbs D. Physical therapy and health information management students: Perceptions of an online interprofessional education experience. Read here.
  • Hunt TJ. Professional networking for health information management/technology students and new graduates: A survey of HIM professionals in Michigan. Read here.
  • Sheets LR, Wallach E, Khairat S, Mutrux R, Edison K, Becevic M. Similarities and differences between rural and urban telemedicine utilization. Read here.
  • Alzu’bi AA, Abu Alasal SI, Watzlaf VJM. A simulation study of coronavirus as an epidemic disease using agent-based modeling. Read here.
  • Beesley K, McLeod A, Hewitt B, Moczygemba J. Health information management reimagined: Assessing current professional skills and industry demand. Read here.
  • Crew D, Furlow P, Houser SH. Overcoming challenges of merging multiple patient identification and matching systems: A case study. Read here.
  • Houser SH, Flite CA, Foster SL, Hunt TJ, Kinnerson L, Palmer MN, Peterson J, Pope RD, Sorensen L. Population health: Identifying skill sets and education alignment for HIM professionals. Read here.
  • Moeini S, Watzlaf V, Zhou L. Development of a weighted well-being assessment mobile app for trauma-affected communities: A usability study. Read here.
  • Theodos K and Sittig S. Health information privacy laws in the digital age: HIPAA doesn’t apply. Read here.

We hope you enjoy the Winter 2021 issue of PHIM. For questions or submissions, please reach out to Matt Schlossberg, Editor, at

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