Spring 2021 Introduction

Vol. 18, Issue 2

The Spring 2021 issue of AHIMA’s peer-reviewed research journal, Perspectives in Health Information Management, is now available. Papers include:

  • Madlock-Brown CR, Sharp MY, Reynolds RB. Assessing the Prevalence of AHIMA-Identified Health Informatics and Information Management Careers and Related Skills: A Cross-sectional Study. Read here.
  • Paydar S, Emami H, Asadi F, Moghaddasi H, Hosseini A. Functions and Outcomes of Personal Health Records for Patients with Chronic Diseases: A Systematic Review. Read here.
  • DeVoy PS. An Exploration of Global Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction in Health Information Management. Read here.
  • Banta C, Doran K, Duncan E, Heiderscheit P, Jensen R, Jorgenson J, Rechtzigel B, Shtylla S. A Virtual Leadership Program’s Impact on Employee Leadership Development at a Healthcare Organization. Read here.
  • Johnston R, Hewitt B, McLeod A, Moczygemba J. Examining Individual Transition from Healthcare to Information Technology Roles Using the Theory of Planned Behavior. Read here.
  • Baus A, Shawley-Brzoska S, Wright J, Carey S, DeFrehn Berry E, Burrell S, Ross M, Pollard C, Semel A, Calkins A, Gadde D, Jarrett T. Informatics-Supported Diabetes Prevention Programming in West Virginia. Read here.
  • Ansari S, Kumar Alok A, Jain D, Rana S, Gupta S, Salwan R, Venkatesh S. Predictive Model Based on Health Data Analysis for Risk of Readmission in Disease-Specific Cohorts. Read here.
  • Walden A, Cortelyou-Ward K, Noblin A. Privacy Officers: Who They Are and Where They Work. Read here.
  • Alzu’bi AA; Watzlaf VJM, Sheridan P. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Abstraction. Read here.
  • Watzlaf VJM; Sheridan P, Alzu’bi AA, Chau L. Clinical Data Abstraction: A Research Study. Read here.
  • Soares N, Singhal S, Kloosterman C, Bailey T. An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Errors in Extracted Electronic Health Record Data for Research. Read here.
  • Simeone JC, PhD, Liu X, Bhagnani T, Reynolds MW, Collins J, Bortnichak EA. Comparison of ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Crosswalks Derived by Physician and Clinical Coder vs. Automated Methods. Read here.

We hope you enjoy the Spring 2021 issue of Perspectives. For questions or submissions, please reach out to Matt Schlossberg, Editor, at matt.schlossberg@ahima.org.

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