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  • Spring 2010 Introduction

    As the year progresses, the administration seems more committed to funding health information technology to improve access to care for minority and underserved populations. The Spring 2010 issue of Perspectives in Health Information Management will highlight the importance of creating a sustainable health information exchange and the innovative use of geographical information systems in helping to create access to care in rural areas.

  • Summer 2009 Introduction

    To meet the ever-changing demands placed on scholars to publish results of their research, the publication schedule, format, and presentation of Perspectives in Health Information Management (PHIM) has been revised to be more responsive and timely. Our new format provides authors information on upcoming issues in order to facilitate submission of research articles, and offers timely information on current grant and research opportunities.

  • Winter 2010 Introduction

    The 2010 Winter issue of Perspectives in Health Information Management will focus on the innovative use of technological innovations in the workplace and personal health records. Specifically, this issue will highlight Smartphone and voice recognition technology in the workplace, audience response systems in distance education, as well as policy and physician perceptions of electronic health records and personal health records.